Just Ask

Last Friday I invited a dozen friends from New York City to visit Rosebrook Gardens in its sumMAR splendor. With the hydrangeas in their full glory, and my roses blooming again, guests arrived just in time to witness it all. As they walked onto the property – none had been here before – they immediately began to focus on just about every last detail: details of design and gardening that represent my core principles and which I’ve been tweaking for over a decade. Others see all these items as individual things that inspire and delight, but to me, they are simply my home, garden, and life. The questions, the comments and the sheer amazement in their eyes was extremely kind, but flattering and intoxicating, and I blissfully enjoyed and appreciated every last comment. Of course, I had a complete answer to every query. At times it reminded me of a similar experience: a live satellite media tour, when numerous remote networks set up a single live camera feed in my home and then ask questions; as soon as one show is done with me another pops in to ask their questions. And can you guess? I love it.

As a good host, it would have been enough to have my guests enjoy themselves, but I got the extra pleasure of being able to embrace their passion and appreciation for my home; it was euphoric. (Talk about a great host gift!) What a wonderful place to be in life when you love what you do and can share your wisdom, experience, and creativity with those who love it, too. We all became part of the same mindset as beauty filled our environment, our hearts, and our souls. And it was Rosebrook Gardens, my laboratory in which I create, that provides me with the endless inspiration. I thank them, all of you who follow me, and all others who over the years have taken the time to ask me a question because it was by being lucky enough to get all your questions that I heard my calling. And it inspired me to pass it on.

The quintessential way to finish such a week came the next day. I have been requested to become one of Ask.com’s official celebrity experts. Other Ask.com experts include Paula Dean, Steve Ward, Eric Stromer and Giuliana Rancic, each answering questions pertaining to their specific specialty. Now add yours truly: Mar Jennings, as in a few weeks from now I’ll be representing the gardening category. Yippee!

So ask me your questions and I’ll tell you no lies – I’m now part of the #1 trusted online place to find answers. What a thrill. Ask away! You know how much I love it.