Intro To Intern Two

Hello, my MARtians!

What a crazy wonderful week: saying goodbye to one intern and hello to another. Thanks, Elizabeth Kane – you were aMARzing.

Last night’s Vines & Vignettes gala was a smash! And this afternoon’s charity luncheon was also a big hit with the ladies. You all must come to the full day tomorrow, especially if you’re not far from Black Rock, CT. Great location, great vignettes, and all for a great cause.

Busy days ahead, too: This Sunday I will be doing a new book promo on WTNH’s Good Morning CT, then I’m heading to Hartford for my live hit on NBC where I’ll talk about my ‘must-have’ perennials for the season (and how to maximize each!) Then Monday I’m off to Orlando to shoot a segment on Tuesday; I’ll be on a terrific show called Growing Bolder TV.

With all this non-stop action, the great news is my new intern, Julian Brooks, will be holding down MAR Central while I’m away, taking on each assignment with confidence and delight. That said, due to the great response and success from my previous intern’s guest blog last week, Julian was already excited to contribute to this week’s, so of course, I was more than happy to oblige.

Here is his post:

Interning for Mar Jennings has surpassed any expectations I had for a high school internship. Going in with the mindset of making coffee runs and filing paperwork, I was astonished when I found out the level of creative work I would be doing. Being surrounded by people whose jobs relate to the field of film and television is what makes this internship that much more rewarding. I am not sitting in an office on a computer every day, instead, I am living and breathing what it is truly like to be in the industry.

Very flattering don’t you say? What a pleasure to have him here with us. Julian is already a talented filmmaker, and off to film school in the fall. Today’s intern could very well be tomorrow’s Steven Spielberg! And since I love movies, maybe I can call in a favor in the future – a cameo perhaps?