Into the night

Happy Friday, everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful celebration of the 4th and found yourself enjoying friends, family and a good ole barbecue. I for sure enjoyed the much-needed long weekend to relax and enjoy the many garden areas I have created just for respites from the day. While resting in a hammock under a hemlock tree it was hard not to think about the many celebrations that my home, Rosebrook Gardens, has hosted over the years.

Truth be told, this year while all the attention was being focused on the fireworks display above, I turned my attention to the garden lighting that takes over at sunset. This nighttime lighting draws my guests’ attention to the many specimen trees, garden walkways, and architectural details.

So with my camera in hand, I toured my garden capturing the beauty of the night, only to realize that I could create a whole new garden tour to share. My night tour was through “the eyes of Mar’s” for sure, as many photos are just too dark to share, but some truly captured the magnificent, vibrant beauty of a nighttime garden. I can’t wait to show you.

I was delighted that so many of you enjoyed my recent post with my June garden tour through photos. So my MARtians note that when I soon launch my new website I’ll be able to send you to a new garden tour unlike no other, simply called Into the Night. I hope to return to review and enjoy the magic of the night tour in person, as I loved experimenting with getting the right settings for that perfect photo.