Inspiration: Pass It On!

I always say “Learn, have fun, and pass it on” – and I had a chance to live it in a couple of fresh new ways this past week.

Recently I met a new friend Charlotte at a flea market – we were both eyeing the same awesome set of corbels – and got to chatting about our love of repurposing. Well, she certainly has a knack for it – and we were exchanging stories in no time.

Just like my garden, my attraction to her grew. I adored her so much I quickly invited her to my Gatsby Garden Party.  While there she was inspired by my cement planters, but unlike me, she decided to make her own. This past week Charlotte gave me a shout-out on her website and I realized how, with her clever instructions, making my own planters might be the way to go in the future – so don’t be surprised if I give it a whirl this summer. (You can connect to the article here.) Be prepared to be completely charmed yourself as you discover this mother of three – soon to be four – and MARvel at how she seems to magically do it all. I know we’ll learn more from each other.

My second inspiration came by the way of a visit to Star, Inc. located in Norwalk, Connecticut. If you recall I had a wonderful group from there visit my garden, and so I was invited to visit them in return. My dear, darling friend Martha (who I call MAR-tha) coordinated my visit on Thursday. For over 50 years, STAR, Inc., has been assisting thousands of infants, teens, and adults with developmental disabilities, as well as providing family and sibling support, after-school activities and assistance by sponsoring and locating camp programs. I reconnected with some of the folks who I’d met and got to see their gardens, too.

I wanted to share these two different days with you because of the divine inspiration these wonderful people provided me. Charlotte, with her passion for her family and projects, and the dedicated team at Star for their commitment to those with disabilities. They reminded me that together we are all one and the same: seeking knowledge, connection, help, and inspiration to be better people on this planet. Some of us lead and some of us follow, and this week I got the chance to do both – wonderfully, at the same time.

As I reach for the stars myself in my work, I fill my life with learning new things, having fun along the way, always with a mission to pass on what I learn. I’m happy to say I’m not alone.

So let me know: Who inspires you?