Industrial Designs

As a designer, I focus on inventive and original designs that infuse Mother Nature’scolors and textures throughout the home and garden. My resourceful designs for a casual luxury lifestyle are always a blueprint to build upon and are never trendy or in the moment.

That said, over the years my love for design has continued to expand and no matter what design style I’m looking for the overall result has to have great craftsmanship, textures and be resourceful. Some of my best inspiration comes by the way of magazines and window-shopping – but I also stay alert to other influences; when my design equivalent of my “Spidey sense” starts tingling, I pay attention.

As I begin to redesign my garden studio – for both better function and to maximize the space – I find my eye attracted to the galvanized look and feel of an industrial warehouse space more so than a typical garden studio. The challenge is how to best combine the two in a cohesive style to create one MARvelous space, especially since the garden studio style is already established.

The sMARt tip? You can combine styles most effectively (without creating a hodge-podge) if you limit yourself to combining two styles only. This way a few key pieces or design details can tell the story. For example, changing a traditional lighting feature to match an overall design is a simple way to change a look or feel to a space. (In fact, my inspiration for a more utilitarian look is accomplished in part by this simple upgrade.) Think of how you can change other fixtures, like drawer pulls or window coverings. Swap out a chair or side table and replace with something that reflects the new style. Sometimes the easiest way to begin a design is to build on what you love then incorporate other ideas to either soften or accentuate the look and feel.

The key here is to always be consistent with colors or textures between both design inspirations; your “industriousness” will successfully bridge the two. You get the idea – tell me what you’ve come up with!