I’m ready for the baby!

The doggy beds are monogrammed, the water bowls are new, the homemade cookies are baked, new collars have arrived and the toy box is full with playful, squeaky newness. I’m just a proud daddy with so much love bursting inside!

This has been the longest week of my life preparing for my new little girl’s arrival. Soon the little one will come home to Rosebrook Gardens and begin a new life with me. In the upcoming weeks, our time together will be about getting to know each other and discovering each other; one-on-one, and of course getting acquainted with her new digs. I call this “bonding time,” and I did the same with Corky some 14 years ago. I (and most animal experts will agree) feel that this helps the transition from one home to another. Her birth mommy and six other brothers and sisters will miss her I’m sure, but her new Life On Mar’s will be filled with new friends, family and neighbors to love.

Picking her name took some thinking and pondering and changing my mind several times. I kept a running list on my iPhone of any name I happened to think about. My friends and neighbors were filled with suggestions. But in the end I knew I wanted a name that fit the following: it had to be obviously a girl’s name (some people got confused by “Corky”), it has to be “cute,” and I also thought it should reflect my love of the garden. So the name Violet won my heart.

I could never thank Kenna Smoyer enough for the amazing job she did keeping me posted with weekly photos and e-mails. I picked Violet at the ripe age of one week, and although I was not there for her eyes to open, her first stumbling steps, or her first haircut, Kenna kept me well involved with photos and long conversations. Now with only five puppies remaining, Violet’s four bothers and last tiny sister are available for adoption. I wish I could take them all!

If you’re considering a Schnauzer puppy drop me a line and I’ll put you in touch with her. You should know that I approached finding a new pet the same as a full time job, looking long and hard for over two weeks and finally finding Kenna, a referral from a breeder who happens to have Violet’s Daddy, Tanner.

I know I will give Violet everything she needs, but one can never forget the most important gift to give and that is loving her a lot! It’s seem perfect this year that my Valentine gift to me will be the gift of unconditional love.

The countdown begins…Three more days.

The dog bed was purchased from LL Bean and dog collar was from Petco. Both are available online.