I’m expecting!

Did I get your attention?

Yes, it’s true.

The Jennings household is expanding and soon to include an adorable bundle of love named Violet Annabelle Rose Von Schnorkenheimer.

She was born in West Virginia to a proper Southern family. While one of seven, she has already distinguished herself by being adopted into the Von Schnorkenheimer clan of Westport, CT.

On February 7th, I will travel to Washington, DC to bring her home. Preparations for my new baby have already begun and her room is ready.

Auntie’s Barbara and Dina and Uncle Paul are ecstatic and couldn’t be happier. Violet will be introduced to the public in the months to come through marjennings.com and I look forward to sharing her progress and photos with my dedicated readers.

In the meantime, here is our precious Violet at six weeks.