I’m a Fool for April Fools!

Happy April 1st, MARtians! I love April Fools’ Day, or any chance to have a little fun. I was all set to come up with something hilarious to trick you with in honor of this day of merriment and deceptions, but I found nothing quite as hilarious as what happened this morning.

My dear friend and neighbor, Barbara, came to my door, breathless. In a worried voice she told me to come outside quickly. My beautiful new red convertible was damaged. She told me it had three big chips on the windshield. Needless to say, I was outside in a flash.

I fell for it–and the relief of the prank made it even funnier.

Just to keep the good-natured goofs going, I browsed what’s out there on the web from some clever brands. Check out these funny folks. I hope they give you the giggles, as they did me. And don’t forget: trust no-one today!

  • H & M collaborates with technology giant, Mark Zuckerberg. The fashion line is white hot for those who want to take their hoodies and t-shirts to the next level.
  • Duolingo, the language learning company, invents the duolingo pillow. Learn in your sleep.
  • A new dating app called Ginder. Find your perfect match by gin preference.
  • The sleek and stylish Jesper, a minimalist watch for those who don’t care what time it is!
  • Samsung’s hottest new Galaxy(#thenextgalaxy) comes with…well; lets just say it takes patience to find out!
  • And Samsung is not done yet with these Wi-Fi enabled trousers!!