I Love a Parade!

I do, I do! So I recruited some friends to join me for the Easter Day celebration in NYC. If you recall, MARtians, last year I experienced the New York Easter Parade & Bonnet Festival for the very first time and I loved it!  So, last weekend I stepped it up and brought Helen, Barbara and Paul and made a New York day of it: Parade first, followed by brunch at the iconic Polo Restaurant on 55th Street.

Each year the parade takes over Fifth Avenue from 49th to 57th Streets. The avenue is shut down to make it “pedestrians only”–and to make room for the Easter Day opulence, which ranges from home-made hats and costumes, to regal formal attire. Originally intended as a way to show off your finery, it’s evolved to allow folks to dress many different ways–from the sublime to the outlandish–in the spirit of this Spring festival. Some just wear fun hats, some dress to the nines, some come alone, some in groups, and many come simply to gawk. We went with a more casual luxury theme and were often commented upon as being quintessential time travelers. One policeman told me “You guys got the spirit of the occasion down to a T.” I loved that.

We began at 10am at the front steps of St. Patrick’s Cathedral then slowly walked down Fifth Avenue while being hailed and asked to pose by paparazzi reporters and photographers along the way. Reporters, local press, tourists and regular New Yorkers flock to this event, most asking to get themselves photographed with us. Needless to say it took us four hours to walk to the Polo Restaurant on 55th street.

Truth be told, we had reserved a table over a month in advance, but when we walked in we were celebrated for our attire. “We’ve been hoping for people like you!” said one of the hosts, and I suspect it’s why we were seated where everyone could see us.

Once seated we finally had a chance to celebrate the day, as we did not have a moment to talk during the parade. Cheers to  everyone!

So, did my friends enjoy the parade as much as I did last year? Heck yes, and next year’s plans includes an overnight stay, mass at St. Patrick’s, the parade and of course a wonderful brunch.

Now its time for you to join us next year, my MARtians! MARk your calendars and join us for the 2019 Easter Day Parade & Bonnet Festival on April 21 (the day before my birthday.) Hop to it and get your Easter bonnet ready, and meet us on the front steps of St. Patrick’s Cathedral at 10am and we can all walk the parade together.

Hope to see you all there.