I “Had” A Baby

Yes, that’s right – but only to have her mother take her away. Babies and kids are wonderful parts of our lives, and I try to surround myself with children for both their playfulness and loving capacity. Truth be told, I can quickly become their new Uncle Marsely!

This is 8-month-old baby Sutton, a girl after my own heart – although I confess that I have fallen in love with other wonderful babies, too! Such as Better TV host, Audra Lowe’s darling little Ella, Jenny and Bill’s William, Jake, Ben and of course my little man Henry Charles, whose parents Katie and Chris just happen to live around the corner. All of them lovely, beautiful children who are a reflection of their parents, and who all have blessed and bettered my life.

I have no problem waiting patiently for invites, such as family gatherings and holidays – or just about any social occasion that gives me the opportunity to give them a big kiss, hug and demand to hold them in my arms. These wonderful children embody their parents who I love just as much. Not just friends, more of an extended family.

My mind wanders when I’m with them as I imagine them riding their first bike, owning their first Gucci shoes (stay with me, this is MY mind, remember!), graduating high school, College.. then I think. How old will I be? Yikes, I’m back to reality.

Violet is my four-legged “fur baby” who I also adore much like a child. We have an amazingly blessed life together as she travels with me, inspires me, watches me work and sometimes even makes guest appearances on my new FoxCT show. When I look at her I must admit I do flash forward as well, but there’s no college tuition in that future, whew – thus the Gucci shoes are back, but this time for me!

So instead I’ll hold the babies, play with the kids, and give them back, knowing that no big expenses are coming my way. My future: a bit more boring, perhaps. But nevertheless, Uncle Marsely will have plenty of play dates to spoil them with. I certainly believe it’s better to have “had” than not have had at all.