I Got Your Back

My delightful MARtians, with so many activities going on, people to see and places to go this week, still I must say that nothing was as much fun as Team MAR wearing the “official” LIFE ON MAR’S: The Home Makeover Show t-shirt out and about town. And what better place to show off our team spirit than on location? Kelly and Lizzie were real troopers as we all posed for photos. While there, we also took a moment to document the process and say hello to the terrific renovation team.

My videographer, Chris, was on site earlier to witness me ‘dumpster-diving’ as I rescued a transom window that had been removed from the foyer. Honestly, my Casual Luxury design philosophy core principle of “Repurpose” is easily triggered during a renovation. (And when you’re willing to dive into the dumpster!) LIFE ON MAR’S is very much aware of being green as well as being extremely resourceful. Who knows where this window will eventually end up, but at least I know it won’t be relegated to a landfill, and that is a good thing.

I must say as our November 1st completion deadline continues to move closer, everyone on this project has such dedication and willingness to work together to meet it. No doubt we will create a superior finished project. Kudos to the team who, in spite of the deadline, remains more than willing to stop what they are doing and allow me to try their craft so we may capture it on camera. From demoing the fireplace, building a cement step, nailing floorboards, and even building a stone wall, I’ve done it! Okay, perhaps only for a minute or so at a time, but nevertheless I did it – and I have renewed appreciation for the skill of these workers and craftsmen and women.

Although there are many moving parts in this project (such as budgets to control, change orders to approve, architectural designs to adjust and finishes to select, not to mention an active video production crew to coordinate), everyone – and I mean everyone – is on board and working incredibly professionally. Ross, the builder who I partnered with from TiefenThaler, has had many camera appearances already, and hears from me sometimes three times a day, and takes all my calls. He has embraced the t-shirt and has proudly worn it on camera for the show.

Truth be told, although it’s my name on the show, we all have each others’ backs for a successful reveal in November. What a great team effort that we’ll all be proud of, and will surely look ‘back’ on with pride.