I Elfed Myself!

I was watching an old movie a couple of nights ago, and one of the characters, after something wonderful happened to him, said “Pinch me!” I always used to wonder about that expression, because it implies that what is happening is so unbelievable that the person uttering it suspects they might be dreaming. How could a person not understand the difference? At least, until Friday, when my first Christmas special with FoxCT aired. I couldn’t watch it live because I was working – but my phone lit up all day with friends calling to congratulate me and comment on the show. So many that I actually started to understand what those movie characters meant!

It’s been a busy time lately, and a real highlight was posing for the cover of the Connecticut Holiday Wishes magazine cover as a mischievous elf. Don’t you think I make a good-lookin’ elf? On the magazine cover, I’ll be “shrunk” down and it will appear as though I am holding a platter of goodies, offering them to “full-size” FoxCT personality Joe Fury. Such a fun shoot!

It’s been another week of travelling cross Connecticut. From the Shoppes at Farmington Valley in Canton, to a gorgeous outdoor skating rink at Simsbury Farms, and even a stop at a cool Dunkin Donuts in Middletown where I got a fantastic gift card that was personalized for me – printed with Violet’s picture on it! Which was my cue to head home, and spend time with my favorite girl. She always welcomes me with squeals and kisses, and then rushes to bring me a ball or toy. She always gives me so much love it’s hard to believe – hmm, maybe I do understand what it’s like to be dreaming! I can be a gardener, a skater, and banker and even an elf, but to Violet I’m always just “Daddy” – and that’s perfect for me.