Hump Month

The record snowfall this month has reminded us here in Connecticut how Old Man Winter can behave. I personally prefer the more gentle side of Mother Nature when the birds are chirping, the grass needs cutting, and the gardens are exploding with color and texture.

I call February the “Hump” month, as it is snuggled in between the sometimes unbearable January and optimistic MARch. Thank goodness February is a short month! And although we got hammered with over two feet of snow this month, I’ve taken a proactive approach to spring by introducing the bold colors and fragrant scents of the season, now. Hyacinths, tulips, and wheat grass can snap you right into the season and fool the soul – well, that is until you step outside.

My home, Rosebrook Gardens, is able to transport visitors and me from the chilly winter months to an oasis that recalls nostalgic memories of spring. A lush, tropical plant or an orchid can give visual cues that transport you to you own tropical paradise and cost less than a mini vacation.

Regardless where you live in the country, everyone deserves either fresh flowers or a pop of color in their home. Your local flower shop, grocery store or even a Home Depot can become a wonderful resource for hump month. Fooling the senses is easy when you replace the chill with the thrill of spring in the air. Should I lack flowers, a simple floral scented candle offers the same effect.

So shut the door on winter and spring into action as Mother Nature is knocking to get in. It may not be not nice to fool Mother Nature, but it sure is nice to fool old man winter!