Hopping with Joy! (Or Joey?)

Abroad–that’s where I am. But not as far afield as this picture might suggest. I’m in Western Canada for a friend’s wedding, and am loving checking out the local scene. AND scenery.

I’m in a region of British Columbia called the Okanagan–named after the 90-mile-long lake at its center. It’s a fertile area that has long been home to acres and acres of fruit orchards, is the epicenter of the region’s summer tourism, and more recently highly regarded for its world-class wine production. (More on that in a moment.)

The wedding was in the city of Kelowna, over the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. It was a lovely, clear, starry night; the couple was beautiful & handsome, and clearly devoted; and the mood was celebratory. I loved it. But that was just the kickoff to my adventure here this week.

Meagan and Chris Mitchell–congratulations!

Yesterday I was surprised with a visit to Kangaroo Creek Farm to see kangaroos–and more. I fully expected to be observing these really cool creatures in their pens–but it was interactive! We got to be up close and personal with kangaroos, wallabys, wallaroos, sugar gliders, capybaras, emus, and more. It was quite a ‘wow.’ I got to pet so many of these gentle creatures without having to fly to Australia–that was awesome. And even got to see some joeys (yes, baby kangaroos) who were even more adorable than I could have imagined. And great timing, too: yesterday was the last day of the season, and now they’re closed until Spring 2018.

Loved seeing the joeys at Kangaroo Creek Farm!

After lunch we did something completely different: a vineyard trip through wine country. There are over 120 wineries in the region, and 40 of them are within a 20 minute drive of downtown. We started at Arrowleaf Cellars and visited a few more, as much for the beautiful views as for the wine itself. (And it was delicious–I absolutely selected a few bottles to bring home with me.) Anyone else a fan of ice wine? The best in the world is arguably made right here.

the vista along the Okanagan
the prized bottle of ice wine!

What does today’s agenda bring? Lunch in a charming town called Peachland (c’mon, isn’t that one of the most adorable names ever?), followed by axe throwing. Seriously–I can’t wait to update you on that!

Tomorrow I head to another city in the region, with sightseeing along the way. But for now, it’s about time to get going on today’s trek–better get hopping!

OH, and PS: This weekend I was the cover story on the CTPost Sunday magazine. Talk about an honor. It was great to be profiled, and they love the show.

Did you get your copy?

CT Post Sunday Arts & Style cover–with you’re truly.
Thanks CT Post for the great show review and profile.