Ho ho ho already?

Yes, its true, the holiday season has officially begun here at Rosebrook Gardens, and now that I’m ready, I somehow feel as if I’m forgetting something. Perhaps it’s because Halloween was not even over when the boxes were removed from the attic and Violet got her first glimpse what I’d be adding designing and creating. A lot to wonder at! That said, the garlands have been hung, the Elves have been released and the holiday glitz has been displayed throughout the house.

Each year I make it a point to revamp my decor by adding new design concepts and expressing my current feel for the upcoming holiday. If you remember, last year my then-14-year-old Schnauzer was quite ill and was placed to rest on the 14th of December. That holiday will forever be referred to as my blue Christmas, as my mood determined my choice of dominant color theme, but the blue holiday lights have all been put to rest. Excitement, new experiences and love fill my home this year, and Violet my soon-to-be one-year-old new Schnauzer is cherishing every moment. Ornaments are new and exciting toys to discover and offer new smells of Christmas.

Because this Christmas feels so different from last year, I decided to create a decorating theme that revolved around contrast. So imagine a wilderness feel, with a touch of bling. I’m calling it “Rustic Glitz” – as it looks as if Liberace himself decorated a hunting lodge. Silver is the dominant color choice, with touches of Mother Nature; the metal is perfectly complemented by birch branches, magnolia arrangements, and nuts. For a whimsical touch, Elves are literally “up” to no good, balancing off the light fixtures. Why are they so merry? They’re holding cocktails – MARtinis, of course. But they still have a child-like feeling. The combination of it all gives a nostalgic twist to a modern holiday theme. Playful, creative, and unexpected and full of cheerfulness.

Okay, you get it: “Mar is happy to celebrate Christmas this year.” But why decorate so early? In fact, I was done 2 weeks ago. Ancient television secret: I had to have the house holiday-ready in order to film my Christmas and holiday celebrating tips for several different networks.

But how to get started? Not knowing which direction to take this season and it only being October, I felt I needed to go somewhere that offered a verity of choices and selection. Thankfully I could rely on my local HomeGoods store, where casual luxury begins to take shape. I wandered throughout the store pulling what I liked, and before I knew it I had my theme. Such amazing things at prices I could not believe – I’m not afraid to tell you that I saved 20-60% on absolutely everything in the store that day, and when I brought it home and pulled some of the natural elements from my own garden I was ready. Let me confess, many of my friends (and television staffers) have all asked me “Where did you get that?” “And that!” “And that?” I think some of them drove to HomeGoods directly after.

While shopping for my decor, I was delighted when a woman stopped me to ask a question about her selection; “You look like you know what you are doing” was her comment to me, and in moments we were best friends, as I helped pull other wonderful items to add to her home. She was very excited as we put together combinations she wouldn’t have thought of. I love to do the unexpected and mix and match things – something old can add charm to something new, and something new can add new interest to something old. This has always been my mantra.

So yes, the holidays have arrived early this year at my home and – oh, now I know what I forgot! (I told you at the beginning that something was missing.) Violet needs a proper stocking to hang. My little girl will be a year old this Christmas, so selecting the right stocking is something we’ll need to do together. This will have to be something extra special to enjoy year after year so we need to get it right the first time. We’re off to do more shopping! Come on you knew that was coming.