Have Emmy, will Travel

Exciting, thrilling, and OTT news was received this week: Northeast Living, the show I host for Fox CT, was NOMINATED for an Emmy!

Trust me when I tell you that everyone who works on this show has reason to be proud. When such a talented group of people gets together the results are amazing, and in this case, it’s no exception. Not only do we get to have fun every day, but now we’ve been honored with a nomination. We will know more on June 2nd when they announce the winners at their all-star gala in Boston. Until then, the suspense is killing me. Wish us luck!

A great opportunity has come that will let me focus on something else for a week: I can re-direct my energy to packing my bags for Antigua and Barbuda. Monday morning I will be off on assignment leaving Westport behind to explore the beaches, the sights, the history and the food that make Antigua and Barbuda so desirable. I am actually going to cover the 45th annual Antigua Racing Week, a first-class Caribbean regatta.

This time, unlike my last travel assignment, I will take a hands-on approach to reporting by going modern and posting many of my experiences through Facebook and Twitter – live, as they happen. I hope you will follow me as I provide you with the inside scoop, with behind the scenes details, while covering the many activities that are already scheduled for me. Where’s Mar Jennings today? My hope is that you will feel that you are discovering Antigua and Barbuda right along with me.

All in all, not a bad week right? Emmy nomination, a business trip – it’s a great way to enter Spring. And although I’m sure I’ll want the Emmy to come home I’m not so sure I’ll want to come home after this assignment. Wouldn’t you want to find a reason to linger in paradise?