Halloween Costume(s)

Happy Halloween, my MARtians!

I love Halloween, not just the goblins and the witches but the fun d̩cor opportunities that come with the festive occasion. My home, Rosebrook Gardens, is located on a private street so not many children come door-to-door but nevertheless I am prepared with some extra-large Hershey’s Chocolate bars. Truth be told, I’m always excited for the children to visit and as much as I would like Violet to wear a costume she refuses the opportunity. (I try them on her and she turns into a stone dog!) Me, however? I’m into it!

This year I have 2 different costumes – one for during the day and one for answering the door tonight (and a party afterwards.)

During the daytime I’ll be dressed as the Design Doctor. I’m here to diagnose all of your design dilemmas and fix what’s troubling your home design – inside and out! The best part for you? No co-pay and all plans are accepted!

Tonight I will be answering the door and handing out candy dressed in military garb. My friends say I can’t help protecting folks from decorating nightmares, so I might as well look the part, right?

I wish you all a wonderfully spooky holiday today and tonight – here’s hoping all the ghosts and goblins that you encounter are of the most friendly sort, and that you tally up more treats than tricks.

(Hmm, perhaps I should’ve dressed up as a MARtian today!)