Good MARning MARtians!

Hello, and Happy Weekend!

This gorgeous sunny day called to me rather early. I was inspired to get some early morning rays while sipping my coffee.

What a beautiful day that portends so many wonderful possibilities, so much potential. I love the morning. It is a quiet time before all of the day’s activities begin, and I am off running. The birds are cheerfully chirping away in my garden, which is full of blossoming flowers. This is a delightful way to celebrate Mother Nature’s peaceful beauty. Who needs antidepressants when there are moments like these? You just have to seize them! Go on. You deserve a little “you” time.

How do you relax in the garden full of Mother Nature and all her glorious charms? I love my simple lawn chair placed strategically for quiet, views and privacy. It is the perfect place to perch and ponder.

sMARt tip!

I have heard that getting sun exposure in the morning improves mood, boosts melatonin production for great sleep and gives you the natural dose of Vitamin D we all need to stay healthy. Lucky for me, I have a chair positioned in a private spot that receives lots of morning sun. I recommend this practice to everyone on Mars – and beyond!