Go Peanut-ize Yourself, and Win My Book!

Good Grief everyone, “The Peanuts Movie” is coming to a cinema near you! The opening date is November 6th, and now is the time to get in on a MARvelous Giveaway Opportunity, and it is all thanks to Charlie Brown.

Recently, memories of my childhood have been rushing back to me. I happened upon the clever, online app that helps you create a Peanuts cartoon character resembling yourself. I get silly, fun emails all the time, but I received an email from a good friend who encouraged me to try this one, and I am glad I did.

You can see the result here. Not a bad likeness!

But, what really got to me is how much I remembered about my youth by looking at the cartoon I created. It’s amazing how sights, smells and even cartoons can take you back in time with startling clarity. MARtians, I was touched!

The Peanuts cartoons and characters meant so much more than just childhood entertainment. The Charles Shultz creation comforted me in so many ways. I was transported back to the times I was not feeling well and although confined to bed I would pour over the comic strip. I remembered the thrill of impending holidays in a way only a child could understand: in my mind, the Hallowe’en and Christmas specials were the true kickoffs to the seasons. I also recalled how much fun I had drawing the characters. I copied the cartoons over and over until I could draw them perfectly. Some said that I could have started a copyright war with the creator – not that I ever, ever would.

I adored Peanuts. I connected to each character in a different way. I related to Charlie Brown, as many kids probably did when I was not feeling my best. I related to Schroeder when I felt clever, sMARt and capable. I felt like Snoopy when I expressed my adventurous side. And as my mother would tell you, I would occasionally relate to Pig Pen – I had a few not-so-eMARculate moments where my room could have been tidier. (Thankfully, I learned the value of organization as an adult.)

What about you? Do you love Peanuts as much as me? Head over to The Peanuts Movie website, and make a character of yourself. Then send it to me at [email protected].

Each e-mail is a chance to win a signed copy of my book, Life on Mars: Creating Casual Luxury. Winners will be picked at random and the winner will be announced on all my social media outlets. (Then Team MAR will contact you to get your address.) Don’t let Lucy accuse you of being a blockhead: go ahead and Peanutize yourself!

Good luck!

Congratulations Brenda Cashman, my MARtian from Houston Texas! Your autographed copy of my book is on its way. More exciting give-a-ways to come.