Giving Thanks

Hello my MARtians,

This last month has been filled with excitement and change. Excitement because of LIFE ON MAR’S being syndicated through Comcast & Cox and change because of the tremendous loss of my Miniature Schnauzer Violet.

Life can be a roller coaster for sure, but no matter what there is gratitude and thanks to be given and shared.

Violet may be gone, and that will definitely continue to take some time to get used to, but Daisy has taken the lead and gone from being the understudy to the main act. It’s as if Violet transferred the touch to her and said “okay, you’re up!”  Daisy has become more attentive and more snuggle-y, taking on many of the cherished behaviors we came to love in Violet.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s still a firecracker with her toys and continues to love to wonder in the yard. (Something Violet never cared for.) But looking into Daisy’s eyes a touch of Violet lies inside. Hard to explain but for any pet lover that has lost a pet I think you might understand the complex mix of emotions that flow back and forth between us and the pets who bring us so much joy. That unconditional love is like nothing else in the world.

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for our family and friends. I extend this to our pets!! And of course to also reflect upon all the great things that life has provided us.

I would also like to thank each of you for what you bring to LIFE ON MAR’S. Your continuing interest in what I do and the love and affection you shared when I lost Violet…well for that I am beyond grateful.

So my MARtians may this Thanksgiving be extra special to you, your family and special pets! And may you enjoy your time off with all those closest to you who fill your heart and soul with love.

Happy Thanksgiving !!!