Gardening Parallels

Hello my MARtians!

Sunshine, warm weather, and Spring are in the air. Even though they are in that order, it’s a combination I can get used to. With Spring only 12 days away, I’m counting each and every moment, mentally packing Old Man Winter’s bags for good! This year he flexed his muscles upon New England, reminding us just how powerful he can be. While Mother Nature was on holiday (perhaps making her rounds elsewhere across the globe), we were left here to handle his mess on our own.

While growing up in Connecticut, my grandmother would remind me that when there was a bad Winter season we were sure to get a wonderful Spring and Summer. An avid gardener herself – with extensive gardens to show for it – early in the season she would walk me through them, pointing out what was to come and the comforting meaning of plants awakening from dormancy. Tulips, daffodils, and crocus would emerge, while we bore witness, watching their journey to reach up to the sun.

Those nostalgic memories contribute to my adult life, encouraging me to find new meaning in the garden. My positive thoughts of this season are no doubt enhanced by knowing what an active role my gardens play in both my personal and public lives. In the coming months, Rosebrook Gardens will be the perfect setting for an official press party for my new book, the location for shooting another Casual Luxury commercial, and the ideal backdrop for a series of sMARt tips which will be photographed and filmed for a new exciting partner. It truly is a critical component for my brand and lifestyle.

Rebirth and renewal may begin in the garden each year, but this year there are echoes of this in many avenues of my life. The excitement of the Spring season brings new partners and exciting new endeavors and a whopper of a announcement to come (something I’ve been working on all winter long.) Stay tuned. Truth be told, I’m already so fortunate this year: featured on the cover of Florida Bride Magazine, and the two page spread in First For Women Magazine, just to name a couple. Just like my garden, it is the result of commitment, the right conditions, and love and attention to make the delicate seeds sprout.

So take a moment this week and ask yourself how you, too, relate to the season of rebirth and renewal. You’re sure to discover some parallels and connections. You’ll be surprised just how well your personal life and the world around you are interconnected, whether you have your own garden or happen to stroll through one.

This season let’s all grow success together – now isn’t that an exciting journey to be on?