Flashback to the Golden Age of Video Games

MARtians! I went to Tom Salta’s house last night, but I was not prepared for what I was about to experience. By the way, if you don’t already know, Tom is a super famous composer and producer. He has written the music for some amazing projects, especially video games and movie trailers. Do the “Halo,” “Just Dance,” “Ghost Recon” or “Need for Speed” video game series sound familiar? Ask a teenager if you want to know what those are all about. Anyone who’s played them has heard his aMARzing, award-winning scores.

“Life on Mar’s” keeps taking it to the next level, and I am so happy to be collaborating with this industry mega star. We are going to be working together on an upcoming project for MARTV. It’s very exciting, and I can’t wait to tell you MARtians all about it. Stay tuned for details!

Tom has a passion for all things gaming. His home has an entire room dedicated to classic arcade games that, at the time, were the cutting edge of technological innovation. I was in heaven. I saddled up to the hulking chassis and stared into the old school, curved, CRT monitor. With my hand on the retro joystick, I reveled in the familiarity of it all. It got me reminiscing about my youth.

Video games such as those were my generation’s passion. We collected vats of quarters for gameplay. We skipped school to play endless rounds of “Pac Man.” We made dates to meet up at the local arcade on Friday nights to dig in to an all-night session of “Dig Dug.” We begged our parents to drop us off on the weekend to revel in the power of “Donkey Kong.”

And last night I got to “time travel” back to those days. (Don’t ask how well I did, though – apparently the game consoles aged better than my score!) Thanks, Tom, for the unexpected chance to relive some favorite memories.

Did you have a favorite video game as a kid?