Fired Up

Yup, I’m fired up. In a good way of course!  That said, not much really fires me up, but this weeks big progress on the fireplace truly lights my fire with delight.

I’m in love! After 21 years of living with a metal firebox insert my dreams have come true by building a classic brick fireplace. Regardless of the expense, the personal rewards and delight are worth the inconveniences of living through construction. And now with all permitting completed and approved we are set to finish within the next week.

What has changed?  Not only the dimensions of the firebox, but there will be a new granite surround, beautiful Visual Comfort sconces and finally an updated mantel to complete the transformation.

I’m no stranger to renovations, but even I was fascinated by the meticulous process involved in creating a proper fireplace build-out. (Can you guess how far they had to excavate down to install the required footing?) I learned a lot, and I think you will, too.

Truth be told, you all will have the opportunity to watch the entire makeover as we have been diligently filming the process for both the my new outdoor spaces and the new fireplace.  Season three begins airing on ABC in September; it is packed with great designs both small and extra large but no matter what I do you can be sure my Casual Luxury design philosophy will stay true and guide the overall transformation of each makeover.

When this is finally completed I’ll be lighting a fire regardless of the outdoor tempturature! I can’t wait to feel the heat and see the power of this new and improved fireplace.

Casual Luxury has no boundaries and that includes my own home, Reosebrook Gardens. Over the decades this home has become more than just a place to live but rather my MARk on this world.   And for many, including me, this is what we all call LIFE ON MAR’S!