Fancy Pants

Where has the month gone? Can you believe it, Christmas is next week? Although Old Man Winter has taken somewhat of a break here in Connecticut, no one is complaining, as we know sooner rather than later he will arrive.

This week I stepped up the multitasking activities with holiday parties and guest appearances, and as a true professional I not only had my real estate hat on in search of prospective homeowners for Sunset Haven, but my designer eye was on full watch for decorative items to complete the rooms for my makeover show. Talk about a full plate – and happily so.

Regardless of the activities and responsibilities, I take the opportunity of the holidays to get “merry,” so my attire encompasses the good cheer and festivities of the season. Imagine, if you could, Mar Jennings all dressed for the holiday parties: drink in one hand and my cell phone in the other, taking photos for inspiration and possible consideration for the home makeover show reveal.

While out and about, I found a fantastic distressed mirror, so I sent a photo to my team for filing and consideration. The text accompanying it simply said, “What do you think of this?” In mere moments the responses came back: “I’m not crazy about those pants,” “Too much for my taste,” and “What private school uniforms were those pants made from?” (I’m glad the team has opinions, but I think these pants are very festive!) After clarifying my message, the mirror got a thumbs up.

I’m always working, thinking, creating, networking and celebrating, so if I send a photo after normal business hours beware: one never knows if I’m just being MARry by showing off a well put-together outfit or asking you to notice a beautiful mirror.