Falling in Love With Fall

I love all of the four seasons, but there’s something about fall that makes me MARry. Perhaps it’s the orange I see everywhere in the falling leaves. In the past year, I have come to embrace orange and it has become my new favorite accent color; orange Adirondack chairs, orange accent pillows, orange candles, orange trays and even an orange belt. On a clear fall day, find a beautiful tree whose leaves are changing and look up. The contrast of fiery orange leaves against a Wedgwood blue sky will leave you feeling the perfection of Mother Nature.

Fall means days that start with a burst of fresh air. And even though the afternoons can be warm, the leaves start to fall and it makes me think of the fall harvest. As we “fall backwards” in time, I realize that Halloween is fast approaching. Because of my production schedule, the little witches and goblins will find Christmas when they come to my door. The “holidays” will already be in full swing at Rosebrook Gardens. Thus, being quite MARry… wouldn’t you agree?

Today, Mother Nature graced me with a vision of beauty. It was up to me to keep my eyes open and acknowledge the splendor of the morning rain and the few remaining rosebuds opening for one last encore performance. I share this vision with you as the fleeting beauty of autumn is so worthy of falling for. In no time, the weeks will pass and I’ll be MARry Christmas. But for now, I’ll just fall back and embrace the precious moments of fall.