Even “Better.”

Life gets better when you watch Better TV! As a lifestyle expert for The Better Show, a nationally syndicated lifestyle TV program that aims to make your life “Better,” I have done many assignments, from covering New York’s fashion week to making my signature cocktails.

Being on the show isn’t new, but this week viewers got an extra dose of Mar Jennings as I was featured for three days in a row. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday viewers got some MAR TV and as always I had a blast doing it.

Audra Lowe is the host of the show and many times joins me at my home for these types of segments; after working with her for many years we have come to enjoy our time together – almost too much! – having a blast each time we are assigned to work together. We play off of each other, we truly adore each other and we have nothing but admiration and respect for each other. So much so we joke about how she is my TV wife and I’m her TV husband – and what a lucky man I would be if that were true, but it doesn’t change how much I enjoy the time we spend together.

They say the power of three will set you free so here goes: below are all three Better Show segments for you to enjoy. And if you haven’t used my website’s new feature, the “Share” button below, try it now and pass this on. What’s “Better” than that?

Watch, learn and have fun: