Enchanted April

As the birds begin to build their nests and await their new babies, the white delicate flowers of the Bradford Pear take flight above every time the cool spring breeze captures its snowy, delicate petals. The crabapple and the dogwood trees now begin to display their royal beauty with light pink flowers. The lilac buds have begun to peek out. The stone 19th-century antique birdbath is discovered and quickly becomes the new watering hole for my feathered friends. The emerald green new growth of the boxwoods underscores all these new beginnings.

The bees are buzzing about, intoxicated with the early blooms of the season. The mist of the morning irrigation system is captured on the robust hosta leaves now unraveling. It’s all so enchanted –  these are is no doubt the quintessential visual cues of springtime.

Last night I welcomed Mother Nature’s appeal by opening my bedroom windows completely to take in the sounds, smells and the breeze of the season. I was cradled to sleep and awoke early, totally refreshed and greeted by the soft morning sun. This was not just another spring day in Connecticut, rather an example of the earthly pleasures that I call home–so rather than jumping into action I took the extra time and listened to nature’s good morning radio. I cuddled my schnauzer and lay back to rest, taking in the comforts that harmoniously were the perfect combination of the home & garden. Birds chirping, fountains bubbling and a schnauzer snoring – all were wonderful aromas and sounds of the glorious bountiful gardens exploding into action.

They say that April showers bring May flowers, but this year there has been little by way of rain and I’m good with that. Regardless of what the rest of the month brings, I take great joy knowing that I can witness and see the true meaning of an enchanted April in the comforts of my home.