Emmy Nomination! 

The 2017, 41st Emmy Nominations are in!  I’m so delighted that this week LIFE ON MAR’S; The Home Makeover Show was nominated for our 4th Emmy in the category of best Lifestyle Program/Special. They say it should be a thrill just to be nominated, and yes, this is true. But how wonderful if this local show could be the proud recipient to a win!  The accolade would be not just a wonderful achievement, but a testament that small production companies can do big things.  This would of course not be possible without our viewers, and our dedicated sponsors.

Awards are wonderful and there is nothing better than being nominated. I have now been nominated five times over my career, and I cherish each nomination as a badge of honor. Sure I would love a win, but winning does not define a winner.   How we respond and participate will always be just as important in my book.  But truth be told… I would love this win!  Wish us luck!