E-Book(s) NOW available

As the end of the month draws near, and April approaches, I keep looking to the garden for signs of Spring. Mother Nature has certainly taken an extra long vacation this season, as very little has emerged since Spring’s official start date.

One thing that has sprouted is rather motivating and exciting: both of my best selling books are available now as e-books on iTunes. Yup, LIFE ON MAR’S: A Four Season Garden and LIFE ON MAR’S: Creating Casual Luxury are ready for download to your e-reader. The best part? They are only $9.99 each on iTunes!

When I wrote the latest book, I insisted to the distributor that we have an e-book version of it – and the previous book, too. Because e-books take up no space in warehouses and require no shipping (they have no physical presence and require no raw materials), I knew the distributor could offer them at a lower price than the printed copies. After all, Casual Luxury should be accessible to all. Now folks can even get two e-books for the price of one hard copy. Cool, right?

So try going paperless, as an electronic library has no borders: wherever you go, there it is! One of my favorite benefits when I read e-books, is that they are accessible across many different media platforms. Whether on an iPad, iPod, iPhone, PC or Mac I can access every e-book I’ve ever purchased from iTunes or Amazon. When I travel on vacation I do not need to choose what books to take with me; today anyone can take their entire library of e-books and know that they will be available on demand. That said, e-books offer a great deal of versatility and are perfect for an active modern lifestyle.

So get your LIFE ON MAR’S on the go! Creating Casual Luxury is made even more simple and sMARt when you have such easy access to my tips and tricks. Simple to find, too: open iTunes, then type my name into the ‘Search Store’ window. You’ll see both titles under “Books.”

If you’re like me, an e-book will never replace a printed book – but darn it they are growing on me. So are you the hard copy of the e-copy type of person? I would love to hear your preferences. And speaking of growing, come on, Mother Nature – get busy already!