Dreaming of MARtha.

Every person dreams, and pretty much every night, too. Personally, my subconscious mind has taken me to some of the most wonderful and magical places. They feel so profoundly realistic; I like to think it’s because I’m a creative person. Luckily I seldom experience nightmares – I save those for the real world. I have even made some major career moves based on my dreams’ insights to the future. Truth be told, I’ve always felt that if I’m meant to remember them they must have an important message behind them.

Like many of us, in my dreams I have special superhero powers; many times I can fly, talk to those who have passed from this life, and I can even transport myself in time. And it’s not unusual for people to have a recurring dream – but here I differ from many of you: I have a recurring guest.

Some of the best compliments I receive have been when people compare me to Martha Stewart. Pretty awesome. “You’re just like Martha” or “You’re the male Martha.” What an honor, but I like to refer to myself not as being in her shadow but rather being in her light.

Last night I had my recurring guest. Yes, my dream involved the iconic once-resident of Westport Martha Stewart. The “MARtha dreams” as I’ve come to call them began in 2005, and at first I believed them to be my subconscious mind validating my love and awareness for all things beautiful. Back then I was finally following my passion building a business in television, but when the dreams continued, I found myself pondering the question “Why?”

Let’s turn back time for a moment: when I first met Martha Stewart it was at her home for a benefit for the Westport Historical Society. I remember it clearly: she was wearing pale blue with a cashmere sweater thrown perfectly over her shoulders. I noticed her and made my way over to introduce myself. We spoke for only a moment, but today I remember it so clearly as I was so inspired by her and intrigued to finally meet her. I returned home a better man and wanting to start my gardens all over again. I later discover a cocktail napkin in my suit pocket. With all the excitement, I must have accidentally put it in there when the introduction moment arrived and then forgot to take it out. Oops! Over a decade later, we would meet again at Le Cirque restaurant in New York, and I was flattered as this time she knew my name. Ironic that it happened in ‘the city that never sleeps’ as I certainly didn’t after that.

I’ve actually had many more encounters with Martha, but only after I go “night-night.” And when I do, I awake refreshed, happy and remembering all the details. It’s as if I’ve traveled to parallel universes. I’m perplexed each and every time as I awake always wondering “What was the message?”

After thinking about this quite a bit, I’ve realized that perhaps there is no message, other than serving to continuously inspire me. (Including to write this blog.) I guess it’s just my subconscious replaying bits and pieces from my memory – including the many times I’ve been on her Sirius radio show (like I will be next Thursday.)

Earlier I mentioned that people very kindly have compared me to Martha. I always give her due credit as the pinnacle of the industry. But in my own humorous way I always continue with this ready answer: “Hopefully it’s good luck that you can’t spell Martha without MAR!” And that is no dream.