Drawing Upon Success

Baby, it’s cold outside! But I’ve got plenty to keep me occupied, as I prepare for my upcoming lecture series: next weekend I’m at the 34th Annual Flower & Garden Show at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford. Their theme this year is The Spirit of Spring and we can all use a lot of that here in Connecticut. I hope to see you all there!

As I was creating a brand new lecture to debut next week, I was thinking about updates. So I wanted to get an updated rendering of my home, Rosebrook Gardens. (After updating the exterior of the house I wanted it to match!) However, I was so disappointed when the time came to call the illustrator: all her numbers and contact information were no longer working. What was I to do?

So, my MARtians, Team MAR was on a mission: find a new illustrator who could help recreate the look of the illustration but with the many new added details, such as the dovecotes and my Dutch door.

You see, Rosebrook Gardens is, of course, my home but also a brand. It reflects my casual luxury style and design principles that you have all embraced, loved – and expect. So although the changes would be minimal they would also be noticeable.

As luck would have it, the universe of LIFE ON MAR’S connected me with Paulina Connolly, a local graphic designer known for her dramatic use of colors and details. After speaking with her I knew I found the perfect person for the job. The end result was nothing short of aMARzing!

As a matter of fact, Paulina can take any favorite photo and turn it into a real, one of a kind piece of art that one could cherish for generations. Her custom commissions are affordable – I think they’re worth every penny and make the prefect gift – and take no more than three weeks to complete. Professional, pleasant to speak with and extremely talented; I was in! Did I mention she does pets, too? Discover her online store at Etsy www.etsy.com/shop/HomeLifeGallery or e-mail her directly at [email protected]. Make sure you like her page on Facebook where she often provides special discounts coupons: www.facebook.com/pages/Home-Life-Gallery/1523456097921275

So it’s time for my blog to “÷draw’ to a close. Her picture inspired me to be creative, too, but with words:

Paulina’s drawing debuts today,

She captured ‘home’, hip-hip-hooray.

Now Rosebrook Gardens lives anew,

In color, line, and update, too.

And so I tell you in my way,

Paulina’s a star and here to stay.