Devious Maids

Have you seen the show? Devious Maids is a television comedy-drama series on Lifetime that has me hooked every Sunday night at 9 pm. Although the focus and the entire premise of the show is the maids, it’s the homeowners that are truly the devious ones.

I actually am fortunate enough to have a housekeeper – I would never call her a maid! – who not only tends to my home but is also a true friend and confidante. Cassie, with her curly blond hair and sexy accent, has been with me for many, many years. That said, she knows everything about Rosebrook Gardens and what it takes to keep it sparkling. She rolls my towels the way I like them, poofs my down pillows, irons my dinner napkins, and will even give Violet a bath when asked. Even when I am hosting a house tour or garden tour, rain or shine she is consistently dedicated each time she is here. I love her for that. (She even agreed to pose for this staged photo just for fun; and no, she doesn’t wear a MAR apron to work!)

So, although she is neither devious nor likely to dress in a tight black mini dress (as in the ads for the show), she does relate to the show in one important way: she is not just a housekeeper but a dear friend as well. She is like my family and whenever possible I try to tell her and express my appreciation by referring her to others.

Therefore, my MARtians, this blog is dedicated to those domestic professionals who make our lives sparkle, our homes shine, and our world a better place to be. Regardless of trade or profession, your value and your dedication should never go unnoticed, nor unappreciated. Some people may call you by your professional title – maid, housekeeper, cook, nanny, gardener, etcetera – but if you work with me I’ll simply call you a friend, and there is nothing devious about that.