Design Bang For Your Buck

I’ve discovered that if a friend compliments my home design and notices every little detail that represents my signature style, it’s only a matter of time before they ask for my help. This week I embraced my friend Indie’s love for life and for evolving oneself, and turned my attention to her home to create her very own “Lady Parlor.”

Many of us make New Year’s resolutions about changing our lives, however, Indie focused her resolutions upon changing her environment. Having a space that represents her own personal style, filled with the things she loves, will allow her to retreat to a space in which she can entertain others while offering her a comfortable place to read and relax, away from the “busy gal” world she lives in.

Let me share the challenge: Create a ‘design show caliber’ room on a ‘real world’ budget. Rugs, furniture, lighting, and accessories would have to be carefully selected to all fit into this $1,500 spending limit. In my career I have designed the gamut, from high-end rooms to spaces with tight budgets, and – truth be told – the process of how to select the right pieces is the same. And so the results should end up to be the same, too: High style, functionality and an ecstatic client who is in love with the space. (Next weeks sMARt tip will offer my how-to’s on how I did it, including designs and the basic principles – so circle back on Monday to see before and after shots plus tangible solutions to apply to your home.)

A visit to HomeGoods and Target proved to provide all that was needed to transform this rarely used dining room into a lady’s parlor for Indie. And did I make it work? Under budget – with $63 to spare! Add in one very happy friend who can’t wait to lounge in her new custom-designed room, and that’s a design bang for your buck. My work is done – until the next exciting assignment.