My MARtians, I’m in love!  And while most are wearing green and showing their love for the Irish on this St. Patrick’s Day weekend, I find myself all in red: in love with a redheaded darling little girl named Daisy.

Daisy has stolen everyone’s heart (except not-quite-yet for Violet, but we’re getting there) and, although here less than a week at Rosebrook Gardens, her ability to jump into a routine with us is nothing more than a blessing. Truth be told, the big question this week on social media and from all who visit is “How is Violet taking the new puppy?” Well, they are coexisting and although Daisy keeps trying to love and play with Violet, I suspect that Violet may be counting the days for her to leave. It will be a long wait, my dear Violet, as Daisy is here to stay. In all seriousness, we are working hard to integrate her into Violet’s life slowly and steadily, with plenty of daddy-loves-Violet time, and each day I see Violet get more and more comfortable.

Daisy Aster Rose Von Schnorkeinheimer is the new girl in town and Violet will soon realize that she is not a visitor. Only then will she embrace Daisy’s love, and together they’ll become besties, so I hope.

This packed week has been filled with excitement over the smallest things such as the joy doing a pee pee and poopie outside.  She is such a smart girl.  Now only 4bls 5 ounces she is open to learning something every day. She is getting all the attention she deserves and her big sister watches the process not offering a bark of an objection.

Rosebrook Gardens is filled with doggie baskets, and a playpen is erected in my office filled with new toys. Baby blankets, water bowls and even a daisy necklace from Auntie Yvonne complete the many wonderful new additions that all come with best wishes and gifts.

So my MARtians with my new mini schnauzer on my lap and my Violet curled at my feet I leave you with this: Any kind of love is good love. My heart is filled with joy as this new family addition has extended the footprint of Life on Mar’s. I believe it was a psychic over two decades ago told me I would have two daughters.  Well, they may not be daughters, but these babies are DOGhters, and truly I’m okay with that.