Cookie MARtians

Last week we announced my new book, LIFE ON MAR’S, Creating Casual Luxury Room To Room. As Team Mar gathered together to recap the successful PR buzz, I was inspired with a cute way to refer to my staff and my wonderfully dedicated followers and fans: “My MARtians!” I think it’s a great term of endearment. After all, if Lady Gaga has her monsters and Joan Rivers has her Joan Rangers, then I have my MARtians.

That said, during our morning meeting I offered some spring-inspired, hand painted butter cookies designed and created by Patricia O’Brien & Co. Patricia is my new best friend as these delicious cookies turned my MARtians into cookie monsters after just one bite. They tasted as good as they look. The idea came up to create a cookie that looks like Rosebrook Gardens; it would be a great tie-in in conjunction with the new book celebration and launch this September. (I’ll share the photo of the finished product later in the year!)

I discovered that Patricia only uses natural ingredients: butter, sugar, eggs, flour; even the icing is only made from pasteurized egg whites, sugar and natural coloring. With hundreds of cookie designs available, all of my team found it easy to find something to love. Or you can do what I did: create your own personal one-of-a-kind cookie for your next event or party. Birthdays, weddings and even holidays – regardless of the occasion, order a yummy batch as Patricia O’Brien & Company will ship anywhere in the USA or even the Canadian universe.

My MARtians, if you love butter cookies do what I did and get yourself a huge supply because you never want to say: Houston we have a problem – The MARtians need more cookies!

Learn more by visiting her website