Coming Attractions: MarSpeaks!

Happy Weekend, MARtians!

Lately, I have been booking some very exciting speaking engagements. I truly love the various social media platforms I have for sharing what I know with you, as well as my website, but speaking opportunities and lectures are so interactive. I have to say it is one of my favorite ways to spread Casual Luxury. In fact, I’m still buzzing from headlining the fabulous Connecticut Flower and Garden Show and meeting so many of you at my twice-daily lectures.

If you didn’t already know, I welcome the opportunity to speak on a variety of topics. My expertise ranges from Casual Luxury made easy in the garden and home to holiday decorating and even to behind-the-scenes of my TV series. And of course, I even talk about weddings; I am also the global ambassador for (More on that coming soon!)

I have been booked for engagements large and small by local service clubs, garden groups, real estate offices, various businesses and more. With every event, I come away more excited about sharing my love of beauty and how to go about attaining it.

If the feedback I get is an indication, I can afford to boast a bit: Looking for a great speaker, guaranteed to bring in the crowd and leave them informed and happy? Check out my MarSpeakswebpage for more details (and read a selection of the reviews), or email my trusty assistant [email protected]

Keep your eyes out for me. Hopefully, I’ll be seeing you very soon.