Closet Cases

Just before going to Vancouver, Canada this month, I was in high gear getting organized and focused to make 2012 the year where I finally maximize my interior spaces, to their fullest potential. This process began last fall as I upgraded my closet system(s) with top-notch hardware and construction thanks to the help of California Closets. Throughout, Norm and I worked together to bring my imagination to life. When recently we worked on the office, I wanted to make its closet go beyond the traditional and transform into a unique design. I reached beyond the ordinary and MARitized it to become a beautiful visual display. So much so I removed the closet doors, turning the contents into a major focal point of the room. As a matter of fact, writing this blog it’s hard not to gaze over and admire its high function. Allow me to show off this good design.

A combination of stacked wall cabinetry with 6 office drawers, surrounded by 14 deep cubbies. The center shelving area is enclosed with frosted glass doors that allow you to see just the silhouette of what’s inside – the perfect place to store my collection of “ready gifts.” Here you can find candles, perfumes and an array of skincare products perfectly displayed and always on hand for that last minute gift idea. I took the design to the next level when I requested a narrow top drawer just for my envelopes, stationery, scissors, tape and blank note cards. The file drawers below hold everything that was previously stored in this closet, but now as part of this sleek all-in-one unit. Fully functional but I gained lots of storage. My new office closet now looks more like a display unit you would find in a major department store.

Stylizing this began with IKEA baskets for easy access and high design, the working supply of my books also found a great new home in the side cubbies. The open closet design idea has always been something I wanted to do, as any open space forces you to keep it tidy and well organized. I hope you agree that this design seamlessly creates one dynamite closet alternative that’s both modern in design as well as timeless.

So come out of your closet with those hum drum closet designs, and be open to the world of possibilities that can maximize your space with both function and beauty. I’m sure you’ll want to blow the doors right off once you’re done, too.