Clear Waters, Clear Mind

My yearly ritual for the month of September has always been to pack up Mar Central and move to the Hamptons. Being a beach lover, and very fond of the end of the season sales, I more than willingly make the Hamptons my home away from home. Why? Well, to start: the amazing restaurants that now do not require reservations, the top-notch world-class beaches, the social parties, antiquing and of course did I mention the shopping and the Tanger Outlets? Yup, I grab my bags, Violet, and all of her accessories, and head off to the Long Island’s South Fork.

The Hamptons somehow allow me to recharge; it’s no wonder as I awake each blissful morning with water views and a private beach to explore. The ocean water is warm and clear as I walk along the rim of the beach barefoot, enjoying watching Violet playfully exploring while I sip my morning coffee. Here I have all the proper amenities a man would ever need, and capped by glorious views, clear blue skies, and some of the most delightful weather of the year. I read the papers and the local Hamptons magazines cover to cover, but yet somehow all this beauty and serene views motivate and inspire me to write and create. So many wonderful things come to mind, and with my laptop not far away, I engage and embrace the creative moments as they arrive.

The Hamptons – my home away from home – is soon filled with fantastic friends from New York City and Connecticut, and just before sunset each Sunday I orchestrate a photo to capture the fun and beauty of the weekend. The pre-sunset light is gorgeous as the reflection on the blue waters somehow perfectly turns back time and making us all look (even more?) young and youthful. The moment is forever captured and the serenity of the time spent here is forever cast not only in our minds but as our cameras as well.