Christmas Decor Tour

 Hello, my MARtians,

It’s the most magical time of the year for sure, and my home, Rosebrook Gardens, is filled with good cheer.

The Christmas season is about embracing love and sharing our passion for everything we do. I’m blessed that my creative path always reminds me of the past, allowing me both to celebrate and enjoy the efforts of my creations. Rosebrook Gardens is forever changing. Each year as the holiday decor returns the palette I build upon is different although with some familiar elements. For example, the picket fence became a new decorating opportunity when I replaced it in the fall.  And soon the garage door will be transformed into a new custom design. (I wonder what I will do with that? Who am I kidding–of course I have a plan!)

You see, regardless of the changes happening here one thing is the same: my love and passion for sharing my creativity and home with you all.

Take the photo-tour of Rosebrook Gardens and know that this Christmas Holiday Decor tour is all about the spirit of the season through love and joy. I hope you love the look! May it inspire your own decor–and to share it with others, too.

Happy touring, keep it MARry!