“Cher”-ing is Caring

My MARtians I’m no stranger to Broadway and I adore a fun, uplifting Broadway show, but when I get up out of my seat and dance during a performance you know its a hit and I’m the biggest fan.

The Cher Show, at the Neil Simon Theatre in New York, is a must see performance. This musical is a hit in every category: incredible (and clever) set designs, over-the-top Bob Mackie Costumes (there are over 600!), talented actors, feel-good (and familiar) music and songs to dance to and of course the iconic story of Cher’s personal difficulties and triumphant journey in life.  Talk about an inspiring and motivating storyline that just happens to be the real life story of Cher.

The play begins with Cherilyn Sarkisian’s early days in California and brings us up to the current pop diva’s life. Along the way you see the back story and relive the Sunny & Cher show, too. (And you will definitely learn things you never knew.) But I hesitate to describe it more because a lot of the joy is in the discovery and how it feels like a trip down memory lane. Truth be told, if you have not seen the performance I urge you to get your family, friends and coworkers and make it a date. You will not be disappointed and you when leave the theater singing the tunes and “believing” in yourself.

Cher personifies that dreams do come true and everyone is special! In today’s world, now that is worth “Cher”-ing with everyone.