This morning, as I wandered in the garden with my coffee, I noticed the many daffodils and crocuses beginning to emerge and reach for the warm weather that has greeted us so early this season. Spring is springing, so today I pause and reflect on the wonderful joys that my garden has offered me over the years. Spring is all about new beginnings, but I feel I can’t move forward without acknowledging and respecting the road that led me to this wonderful place and time.

Rosebrook Gardens has undoubtedly evolved over the years, and so I will celebrate her yearlong sweet 16 birthday with garden tours, lectures, and film crews, allowing her to take center stage as the main event. And just maybe she’ll be featured as a location in a motion picture. (Just a tease for now – more on that later in the year.)

Each tree, shrub, and detail around the property takes me back to a very special time and place – I can actually remember planting, acquiring or choosing each thing. Just as my garden has been added to over the years, my personal life has been blessed with business partners, friends, and colleagues. These bloom in their own special way, providing me with their own prolific love and dedication.

Turns out, not only do I have a four-season garden, I have four seasons of love and friendship, too. But, unlike my garden, they bloom year-round. All of this together grows around me every day as I do what I love, and I love what I do. The relationships of today and those of tomorrow are fuel for my endless, burning desire to build on my passion and love for all things home, garden and life-related.

Dorothy was right – there is no place like home and I’m happy to celebrate that and so much more. A toast: to Rosebrook Gardens, to all of you, and all those people who are yet to discover Life On Mar’s!

Photo: Celebrating with my Editor in Chief of S&J Multimedia LLC