Casual (Patio) Luxury

As you all know my signature brand is Casual Luxury, and the more homes I design the more my true core design principles become evident in the results. When I wrote my second book about Casual Luxury I really wanted it to be a tool for others to learn from. Over the years this recipe of principles has been put to the test and each and every time it successfully validates that the recipe works.

I use ‘recipe’ as an analogy, not that I’m any great cook! But when I do try to cook a meal and follow a recipe there is nothing more frustrating than the end result being disastrous. So I’m especially proud that my recipe gets rave reviews from others who apply it in their own homes.

Each and every time, whether it be in my own home Rosebrook Gardens or my clients’, my 6 core design principles get incorporated unconsciously, because now I start applying them to the spaces without even rattling off each principal. It somehow has become an inborn behavior, an organic part of my every day life.

My new patio, soon to be revealed on my makeover show, has become such an important part of my home. Functional, well designed, and extremely inviting, this new side yard addition welcomes all who sit and ponder taking in the beauty of the gardens. The massive new stone fireplace is a vision to itself as a regal, timeless presence that will grace the view for decades to come.

As a steward of this home I find great comfort in the beauty that I’ve created over the years, but more importantly the permanent design details that will forever represent Rosebrook Gardens.

I often get asked “Aren’t you done yet?” And the answer is always the same: as long as I’m alive and I’m blessed to live in this home, Rosebrook Gardens, just like people, will continue to grow.  That said, I guess that means you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Happy holiday weekend to you all, and I hope you always find beauty and comfort no matter where you are.