Casual Luxury Royal Wedding

Great day for a union, Jack!

Like literally billions of others I woke early to watch the royal wedding of Harry and Meghan, two people clearly in love. They entered St. George’s Chapel as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and left as Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex.  What glorious weather they and their guests enjoyed!

Rosebrook Gardens, my home, is very much influenced by English gardens and the countryside. A proud Anglophile, I celebrate the royal family’s milestones, ride a vespa emblazoned with a Union Jack, and mimic the wondrous order and volume of a traditional English garden. So of course I opted for the BBC coverage today, shown on PBS–they did a bang-up job (and no commercials!)

Much is already being made of how the ceremony and pomp was clearly a mix of their two backgrounds and reflected their passions for philanthropy and their citizenry. And that this is what made the day special and a success.

I saw another pattern at work: I saw a Casual Luxury wedding–and all 6 of my Casual Luxury principles were reflected. Together they combined to have a wonderful halo effect on they whole day. Here’s my *wink* view:

  1. Represent Mother Nature: The floral arrangements with tree peonies, roses and local foliage. Plus Meghan had 53 flowers representing each of the British Commonwealth countries embroidered along the trim of the veil.
  2. Embrace Light and Refection: Candles, light streaming thru stained glass, and (duh) the tiara!
  3. Natural Materials and Colors: lots of springtime pastels, the carved wood, and the white silk of the dress
  4. Repurpose: something old is something new–even if you can’t get your hands on a tiara from 1925, lol
  5. Repeat Shapes and Patterns: So many hats!
  6. Consider Size and Scale: The venue–why opt for a grand cathedral when a royal chapel will do?

Royal pomp aside, any couple could really use these principles to give their special day that extra boost–regardless of whether you get married in a private chapel, local church, family home or on a beach.

So jolly good job, I say. I hope you enjoyed the wedding as much as I did. The Queen herself couldn’t make it to Rosebrook Gardens, but my massive Union Jack did.