Castle Ready

Hello my MARtians!  I am excited to update you on the Castle project I blogged about back in June 2019.  Last Sunday, Team Mar returned to see how my Casual Luxury designs became the recipe for the Cornwall Castle makeover.

The proud owners Susi and her husband Russell did an aMARzing job! My jaw dropped the moment I entered this previously abandoned and distressed castle. The transformation was resourceful, creative and poignant. The castle’s integrity was preserved and the decorative details, such as leaded glass windows and light fixtures, were painstakingly restored to their former glory. The history of the home came alive so beautifully that it was impossible to see where the restoration began and the renovation ended. It has become a home, not an artifact. Being a time travel nut myself, I was in heaven and could easily make myself at home.

With the cameras rolling and the lights filling the rooms, every detail popped in these grand spaces. (Including the hand painted ceilings!) We documented and toured the transformation of the entire first floor for a very special two part season finale. (Keep an eye out for Episodes 12 & 13.)

Truth be told, returning to the castle lifted my heart with delight as Susi and Russell so proudly invested a year of their lives, completely dedicated to returning this 1921 Storybook Architecture-style edifice and its grounds and outbuildings back into a loving, viable home.

You know, it’s not often you’ll hear me say “keep it casual” about a castle! But I can’t stress enough how they have really made this into a wonderful home.

Almost one hundred years later the journey and history of this castle will forever be linked to the couple who saved the demise of this historically significant castle for the next generation to love and adore. I, for one, won’t be waiting long to see it again, as I have already planned my weekend return(s).

Thanks to two passionate owners the castle’s history will forever be interlocked with its new owners’ love and commitment to protecting the past. A powerful link and acknowledgement that will forever be relevant in its history.

The Cornwall Castle now stands proudly once again, shiny and new, and thanks to Susi & Russell their legacy will forever be noted as the kind, generous couple  who saved it. The town of Cornwall is certainly thankful. (That said, a reminder to all you architecture and history buffs that this is a private home, and not open to visitors.) We were very fortunate to be able to document the before, during and after for all of you to see and enjoy, too.

Rest assured that this is one fairy tale where even the castle lived happily ever after.