Busy Bee

This week I was inspired by the crisp, cooler temperatures that graced the Northeast. It validated that it was time to get back to work in the garden and get busy with pruning, bulb planting and adding fall mum decor.

September has always been the best month to rediscover the garden design and make changes.

Truth be told, for years I felt that my front picket fence needed an update–perhaps even a gate to personify the “welcome” to Rosebrook Gardens.

With the recent renovations done across the street at the Nook and the tree removal from my front yard it was now time to consider this redesign idea.

Once I had the bee in my bonnet, I called my trusty carpenter Denis Heiderick, from JCS  Design Build LLC, to help bring my vision to fruition. Why go with a big box fence company and their already designed/manufactured catalog looks when I could have someone follow my design dreams on my sketch and make something totally one of a kind?

Hiring Dennis and his team was the right and only choice. He was on it but he would need to remove the existing fence, install new posts and manufacture a new picket and custom gate within a week. Could he do it?

Day three and believe it or not it all arrived this afternoon for installation!

But this is just the beginning, as new landscaping, lighting and a walkway will also need to be addressed. I’m waiting in the wings as I have been buzzing around the garden, distracted by the unsightly work zone knowing that something new and exciting is definitely in the air. This week I posted the removal of the fence on all my social media channels and soon I’ll post the big after/reveal.

Rosebrook Gardens is forever changing and so am I. It’s not good enough to stay status quo when one can BEE busy creating and tweaking our spaces.