Brimfield Flea MARket: wow!

I love Massachusetts and I love hunting for antiques! So when I combined both and visited the world-renowned Brimfield Antiques Show for the first time, well, my life will never be the same again! Brimfield is the largest outdoor antique show in the world. With over 6,000 dealers and 130,000 plus visitors during the course of the week, this is one-stop shopping for bargain hunters like me. Comprised of 23 huge fields – and owned by “Promoters” who lease spaces to dealers from all over the world – I’m sure you are realizing why this is considered the best place for picking.

The Show takes place only three times a year, usually around Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day, so I recommend coordinating a day trip around the show’s schedule. That said, because dates fluctuate from year to year, its best to visit their website for exact dates and times of the show. Because it’s so vast, the site even has a feature that allows you to narrow down your search, so you know where key sellers are located, saving a lot of wandering. However, you’ll quickly realize that the wandering is more than half the fun – there is so much to see, and such variety that I was astonished! Full-sized elephant sculptures next to china cups next to vintage movie posters next to stadium seats – even if your garage is already full, it’s the best window shopping around.

It’s located about 100 miles north of my home in Westport, so I began my journey early and was excited for a fun day filled with lots of activities and undiscovered treasures. Once I arrived, I realized that the entire flea market show runs about a mile along Route 20, on both sides of the road, and extends several hundred yards back from each side. Lots to see and lots to buy!

A sMARt tip: with so much ground to cover, when you see something, get it – you might not remember where it was located when it’s time to go back, never mind the fact that it might not be there! I’m regretting missing my chance yesterday with a set of wrought iron garden chairs. Live and learn – and pass it on!

People come in buses, trucks, and cars ready for hunting down the deals and steals. Bring a cart or wagon and wear good walking shoes. This experience will no doubt get your adrenaline pumping so bring your “A”game negotiating skills, as everything is worth haggling over.

Whether you’re looking for that “diamond in the rough” or a fine antique, the Brimfield Flea MARket has your name all over it. It certainly had mine both literally and figuratively.

I’d love to know what kinds of things you look for at flea markets – and what your favorite find has been! Share your story with me.