Breathless Anticipation

Last weekend was a tremendous day for everyone on Team MAR. If you’ve been out of the country recently (or were out of the Mar universe), you might not know that my TV show was nominated for two Emmy awards! And Saturday night was the ceremony.

“I’d like to thank the Academy…” Oh wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

The weekend began with a quick and easy drive up to Boston. We stayed in the same hotel as the Emmy event – The Westin Copley Place. What a beautiful hotel! I loved our oversized suite. It had a living room area, places to work and eat, and of course sleep.

Team MAR cleans up well if I do say so myself. I wanted to look unique in the sea of black tuxedos, so I found the perfect jacket. I chose a white dinner jacket that reminds me of something out of the 1940s supper clubs or maybe Casablanca. “Play it again, Sam.”

After we got ready to go, the quick ride down from my room to the floor of the Emmy event seemed to go by in a snap. Which was good because the butterflies were starting to fly around in my belly and I wasn’t sure I could maintain composure. I was so excited. That feeling only grew as we strolled the red carpet and had our photos taken.

Eons seemed to go by as we heard every category announced, from “Best Breaking News” to “Best Special Event Coverage.” When “Best Lifestyle Program or Special” was called, the photo shows how my visage of levity quickly transformed to one of deep concentration. One by one the nominees’ names were read out and appeared in giant letters on the huge screens flanking the stage. (So now I can say I literally saw my show’s name in lights.) At one point our entire team was holding hands and saying our prayers.

Then the name was called. Not our name. Oooooh, well. The wind out of our sails, we all drooped just a bit.

But, then reality hit. We were sitting at the Emmy awards! With lots and lots of talented people! We were actually one of the nominees who got to be in it to win it, and it truly was an honor.

So I didn’t get to say “I’d like to thank the Academy”, but I can certainly say “I’d like to thank all of you.” The support and the well-wishes from so many of our friends, colleagues, and YOU helped make it unforgettable.

Spirits buoyed, the rest of the night was for celebrating life and Life on MAR’s. We sipped bubbly like it was going out of style. Thank goodness for those delicious beds that were just upstairs, waiting for us to take our rest and recharge us for the drive back to Connecticut.

MARtians, it was a Casual Luxury evening to be sure. I wish you could have joined us, but I know you were there in spirit to cheer us on. I hope you know, we’re just as excited for next year.

As always,

Keep it Casual