“Box” Wood

As I prepare for this years’ garden tour on May 29th benefiting the Mercy Learning Center in Bridgeport, Connecticut, I have found myself counting down the days to when I will receive the first visitors to Rosebrook Gardens.

Truth be told, I’ve been super busy expanding and updating my gardens this year. And in spite of the rain, I’ve remained on schedule thus far jumping into high gear these past few weeks.

This year my containers and planters are getting a refreshing new look and feel, and when this happens, the plants join what I like to call “the relocation program”. You see, over the years as things outgrew their space and my not being wasteful, I relocated them to my adjacent neighbor’s property. I have nurtured and maintained her garden as if it were my own, as Barbara has given me free rein to play in her dirt with no boundaries. It has a harmonious look and feel with mine, and one finds it difficult to see where her yard ends and mine begins. Now what? I need look no further than right across the street for more uncharted garden space. Yum!

“Shrubbing thy neighbor” creates beautiful gardens and long lasting friendships.

Recently I had the good fortune to extend my reach to a whole new street. How interesting that in the 1920’s my property served as the entire neighborhood’s vegetable garden. It’s ironic that so many years later it is still serving as a resource for other neighbors.

Rosebrook Gardens is my gift to each and every person who desires to learn, have fun and pass it on. If I can expand my reach by being green, resourceful and repurposing then that’s even better.

This week when it came to moving a boxwood, I “boxed” the boxwood and took it over to the Wood family. It was the ideal place for Wood to meet wood!