Bon Jour Paris, I hope.

It’s a little bit of work and a little bit of fun, but regardless, I’m officially off to Paris this Thursday, for what will be a wonderful experience of Paris in the springtime. That said, my assistant pulled my passport only to notice it was expired. Yikes, what to do? Before I delve into that process, I have a question. Why don’t we get renewal notices? What is up with that? I know when my Driver’s License, car insurance, registration and even Violet’s License expires I get a notice. So why can’t we get a simple note or better yet, save a tree and send me an e-mail? Truth be told, I’ve learned a couple of things about renewing a Passport when you need it in less than 14 days.

Planning ahead and printing your passport renewal forms from the online website will save you from having to fill out the forms by hand. One important point to remember, if you are planning to visit an Application Agency, DO NOT sign these forms at home. And don’t even think you can try to smile for your new photos as this is no longer acceptable. It will be rejected should you try to show off your pearly whites. I was politely reminded, “No teeth, sir.”

With my new Passport photos looking as if I’m constipated and knowing that this is the photo I will be using for the next ten years, it offers no comfort that I’m stuck with it. Next weeks’ appointment is the final piece of the puzzle as I hoping to pick it up then. Wish me luck.

As a correspondent, I’ll be covering a guided tour of Versailles including the private gardens “à la française”, Marie Antoinette’s hamlet, the Petit Trianon and the Grand Trianon.

Then inside the Royal Castle in Versailles, the most visited French monument because of its architecture, its gardens and also because of its history. It receives several million visitors a year and I’ll be there with a crew of professionals. Traipsing through the residence built for Louis XIV, the Sun King, the magnificent apartments of the King, the Hall of Mirrors and the Queen’s apartments, is an exclusive and exciting opportunity. Can this be called work? I may never leave.

I’ll make an attempt to speak a little French and wander the Champs-Elysees in style no doubt. But going back to the Louvre will be a wonderful and special experience.

But, unless my Passport is renewed on Tuesday, each passing day is passing right through me with nerves. Wish me luck, America!