Blocks that Rock

This week, as the weather finally broke from the high 90 degree temperatures, I was delighted to return to the garden for some much-needed weeding and trimming. This summer, with the heat making it unbearable to be outside, I focused my attention inside on some new fun projects for the upcoming fall season. Stay tuned for those!

Traditionally, August is a time to rest a bit from my active gardening responsibilities. I savor this time off to enjoy house guests and weekend excursions. But this week was different. I dusted off my gardening tools and returned to my garden chores with a vengeance. In the mist of it all, I stopped only once to pick up my mobile phone to make one call. And in less than 24 hours, Ross and his team of expert workers arrived ready to take direction for a new project. So what was this new project? The extension of my current driveway’s Belgian Block apron another 18 inches. Why? The scale would just be better.

Truth be told, I have always felt that a driveway entry is an important element in the overall landscape design and should never be ignored. It should be functional, attractive and inviting for those approaching your home.

An authentic cobblestone detail, a.k.a. Belgian Block, can also be used as a driveway border or edging, or as a raised garden bed. Regardless of how you choose to incorporate this material, it makes for a welcoming look that adds to the overall curb appeal and design of a home.

Depending on the type of driveway paving being used, a driveway apron can either match as an extension of the same material, or be a completely different material from the rest of the driveway surface. I chose Belgian Block to compliment the crushed natural native stone driveway. The crushed stone makes for an easy transition to the yard, house or garden, and extending the Belgian Block apron gives a much softer look than the previous circa 1996 black asphalt.

Each new block was securely cemented in place with stone dust in between. This process is more natural, softer, and allows for the materials to contract over the winter months, as the temperature varies quite a bit here in Connecticut.

Neighbors came out to comment on my newest project and continuous commitment to Rosebrook Gardens. The best comment was, “Wow, those new blocks rock”! That said, I hope it’s contagious.